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6-Week "Unlock Your Blocks" Group Program
$422 Limited Time Offer
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Learn to follow your Spiritual Breadcrumbs
6-Week "Unlock Your Blocks" Group Program:
  • 2x Personal Intuitive “Soul Sessions” to Discover the Block(s) we need to Unlock!!
    (Valued at $444)
  • 4x Group Intuitive “Soul Sessions” (1 Hour Each) Where we dive deeper into the different blocks we all have so will get even more insight from being with others!!
    (Valued at $444)
  • ​Limited time offer of $422 (53% savings)
Helping those who feel overwhelmed or “stuck” by tapping into their “superpower” of awareness by providing intuitive insight guidance and clarity to understand from a higher perspective through one-on-one mentoring and group sessions and workshops.
Here's What Others Are Saying About The Mentorship Program

Elizabeth Shaffer
Therapeutic Innovations Int.

Alysha is a true gift to this world! Her amazing intuitive abilities have changed my life. She opens the doors to new insights and a greater understanding of life from a higher perspective. Remarkable changes have occurred in my life as a result of meeting Alysha

Baltazar Avalos
IT Consulting Services

I used to think that coincidences happen by accident and then I met Alysha Myronuk and my life changed... Coincidences happen for a reason and my reason, in this case, was to meet my mentor. There are no accidents in life! I recommend Alysha Myronuk as a spiritual mentor!

Renata Zimmer
Psychic Medium

I met Alysha when I found myself struggling with a particularly difficult personal situation and I am certain that our meeting was no mere coincidence. I found our conversations to be incredibly helpful in both providing me with a more beneficial perspective of my circumstances as well as relevant book recommendations which nurtured me emotionally and psychologically for months thereafter. I can honestly say that I found Alysha’s support to be absolutely invaluable. She is a very rare and special soul and you want her on your side. Alysha is someone I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone needing support, seeking direction and looking to discover their true purpose in life.!
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